A man in battle won the two-meter crocodile and survived

Мужчина в бою победил двухметрового крокодила и выжил

54-year-old Australian Ranger Craig Diekmann fished on the coast of the Peninsula of Cape York, when he is suddenly attacked by a crocodile with a length of 2.5 meters. Reptile emerged from the water and bit the man’s leg, and then grabbed her arm. Aussie miraculously managed to fend off the attack, striking the crocodile in the eye. This is the website of 9News.

Craig Diekmann suffered serious injuries. A colleague of the men gave him first aid and took him to the tourist station, where the victim was met by the paramedics and representatives of the air medical service. Doctors say that the victim’s condition is stabilized.

“Diekmann understood the seriousness of the situation and knew that fights crocodile for her life. Surprisingly, the man survived,” – says the head of the service of emergency medical aid Queensland Warren Martin. He added that this is the first time in seven years of its operation, when the crocodile attacked the man in this region.

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