A match of six points

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    Dominic Oduro is confident to see his own escape with the victory on Saturday night.

    Dave Lévesque

    Friday, 11 August, 2017 21:41

    Friday, 11 August, 2017 21:41

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    PHILADELPHIA | Ballou Tabla has made the strike, Calum Mallace has done his suitcases, but all that is behind the Impact that needs to get points against the Union in Philadelphia on Saturday night.

    “We had a week with certain situations, things happen and need to be handled, but the message has always been the importance of this match against Philadelphia while consumer confidence continues to rise after the good performance against Orlando,” summary Mauro Biello, on Friday morning.

    Because a good performance against the european Union is essential if the Impact wants to get closer to a playoff spot, it is a proverbial match of six points.

    With 29 points, the Union is 8th in the East and ahead of the Impact by two points. The Blue-white-black is five points from 6th place and the Columbus Crew, who received the powerful Fire of Chicago on Saturday night.

    If the Impact prevails and the stars align, it could be in an interesting position where he will be playing one of their three games in hand on the Crew, Wednesday, during the visit of the Fire at Stade Saputo.


    Dominic Oduro put the emphasis on the importance of learning from the victory of 2 to 1-sided to Orlando City, a week ago.

    “We need to continue the momentum from last week and once we have a rhythm of cruising, we will be able to string together victories. “

    Samuel Piette, who is likely to get a first start, also emphasizes the importance of aligning a second victory in a row for the first time since the 3 June.

    “It’s pretty tight at the moment, it is not too far from the series and the games to come are all against direct rivals.

    “Losing could be very expensive, but winning can be a good reward that would allow us to climb the ladder. “

    A launched

    Mauro Biello especially want to see his team take advantage of this visit to the City of brotherly love to put himself firmly on the rails.

    “We have four games in a row at home after this game and it is there that we are going to make our push to find the pace and go on a sequence. “

    Oduro is of the same opinion and believes, somehow, that this is the sequence which will define the short-term future of the team.

    “With the home games that we expect, there is a window of opportunity that presents itself to us. “


    The Impact had some success against the Union this season with a win at home and a tie on the grass opposite which has been punctuated by a surge of three goals.

    “The last time we played Philadelphia, we had some control, but we gave three goals that could have been avoided, said Oduro.

    “We need this time to avoid all of these errors by deploying more intensity. “

    The victory is not impossible, since the Union has left a lot of points on the table at home.

    Mancosu, or Jackson ?

    Mauro Biello has given several strokes of the pad when it was question of the choice of his attacker from between Matteo Mancosu and Anthony Jackson-Hamel.

    “We have three games in a week, Matteo is an important element, it would not be gone in the final of the association without him the past year.

    “I use Jackson because it’s going well for him, both can be effective either as a starting or from the bench. “

    Mancosu has only three goals in 17 games, the latter dating back to 10 June. Jackson has shaken up the ropes six times in 12 conference games and has scored a brace in Philadelphia, last April 22.



    Ballou Tabla will not be there

    Mauro Biello has maneuvered cautiously when it was a question of Ballou Tabla and its possible use on Saturday. The young midfielder is troubled by a knee injury. “I believe that you are actually progressing with this situation, he is back in training and he will give everything he can for this team and that is what is expected of him. “

    “There’s something that bother him in his knee. He could have a one-game leave of absence of more before coming back. “

    DePuy in Ottawa

    The Impact has loaned striker Nick DePuy for the Ottawa Fury of the USL. The first choice of the team in the last draft, 19th in total, will be available as of Saturday evening for the game against Charlotte. The great attacker of 6’ 5’ has played 128 minutes spread over five matches since the start of the season.

    This is not the first time that he is living in Ottawa since he had played a match last may. According to the agreement, the Impact can be recalled at any time.

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