A matter of time for the soft ball

Une question de temps pour la balle-molle

The sun shines its warm rays and one begins to feel the smell of freshly cut grass. During this time, the players and the players of softball Quebec still have to wait, but some signs are pointing to a soon return on the land.

Of course, the Quebec Stéphane Drouin, nature, optimistic, preaches for his parish as vice-chairman of the board of directors of Softball Quebec. True enthusiast, it does, however, part of those who have been most involved in recent conversations with the government, Sports Québec, and Softball Canada.

“We are still in uncertainty, but there are signals of interest, which leave me to believe that we could be part of the next wave, he says, during a telephone interview. The question is when will this next wave.”

The instances of public health will necessarily have the last word, but a preliminary draft was tabled last week was, according to Drouin, “very well received”. The federation of Softball Quebec is involved in this matter, but also Baseball Québec and Sports Québec.

“‘t wait for it to begin”

To summarize, a series of measures has been proposed so that the ball sports will resume, leaving to change a few rules, including the positioning of the main referee, who could find himself behind the mound, at a more recreational level, and a little further behind the marble at the competitive level.

Among the members, the players and the coaches show, moreover, open to different changes. We want to move the young and the less young.

“People are keen that it starts, summarizes Drouin. Everyone is very positive and focuses on one main thing: the return of the game. Our work at Softball Quebec, as long as the government does not say that the season is cancelled, it is to make sure that we can put the world on the ground.”

The equipment in the garage

Anecdotally, there is another sign suggesting that good news are on the way. In the last days, Drouin has himself transferred from the shed to the garage the stock that he uses, as coach of the women’s club of fastpitch Montreal. When his wife asked him what he was doing there, he replied: “the season is coming”.

A decision supported by the latest discussions or simple wishful thinking? The coming weeks will tell. One thing is for certain, the season of the ball, if there is, will not be a regular. She could continue, depending on the region, until September or October. The tournaments leading up to travel are also the least likely.

Canadian championships cancelled

Softball Canada has just cancelled on Wednesday night, the maintenance of the various canadian championships, recommending, moreover, that the activities related to this sport in Canada to be suspended minimally until may 31.

Stéphane Drouin probably would have been able to wait one more week before you place the buckets of balls and nets, training in the garage. It is a matter of time. But for how long? The doubt is cast.

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