A mayor of Val-de-Marne victim of repeated “acts of intimidation”

    A mayor of Val-de-Marne victim of repeated “acts of intimidation”

    The 14-year-old son of Stéphanie Daumin, mayor of Chevilly-Larue was allegedly beaten for free, and their home was reportedly shot by mortars. According to her, the denunciation of certain “trafficking”.

    The mayor of Chevilly-Larue (Val-de-Marne), Stéphanie Daumin, said Wednesday to be the victim of a series of “acts of intimidation“, Including the recent assault on his son, in connection with his denunciation of a”traffic»In his town.

    «It’s been 4 to 5 weeks since I suffered assaults, disorders that are getting worse“, The elected Communist told AFP. “The most serious and unacceptable fact is that my 14 year old child was attacked, there is a red line that has been crossed“. On Monday, December 7, her son was assaulted on his way home from college. “He starts to enter the house, an ambushed person enters and punches him before running off, he does not take the bike, the keys or a phone», Reported Stéphanie Daumin. “Very clearly, these are acts of intimidation, doubt is not allowed on the question of a succession of chances“She said, also referring to the damage caused”on his car“Or”directed fireworks mortar fireAgainst his home.

    «I see in particular a file on which I took positions that were unpleasant, especially in a traffic environment, and I think that very clearly I am being made to pay for it.», Added the mayor without giving more details. Contacted by AFP, the Créteil prosecutor’s office was not immediately available.

    «When you have to put lookouts in front of your house … something is wrong»

    Stéphanie Daumin has called on a private security service to protect her house and intends to ask for functional protection. “If in our Republic, elected officials become targets to prevent them from acting, our democracy is in danger», Considers Stéphanie Daumin. “This requires a start, a reaction from the Republic, there must be a strong message».

    Nearby Figaro, the mayor (PS) of Alfortville Luc Carvounas, also president of the association of mayors of Val-de-Marne, describes a “loss of referenceAnd cites the numerous attacks against mayors and local elected officials recorded since the beginning of the year. According to figures from the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), 233 mayors were attacked from January to July against 198 last year at the same time. For the whole of 2019, 383 elected officials suffered beatings or insults, against 361 in 2018.

    «When you have to put lookouts in front of your house … something is wrong», Regrets the elected official, who also deplores the negligence of the State on the issue of security:«We are told that we are essential links … But in recent years we have been let down on all these subjects! They close the police stations to us at night. We are forced to deploy video protection at great expense in our cities, we have to call on private security companies to secure public buildings and equipment …»Explains Luc Carvounas, who as mayor’s representative«simply asks that the law be applied, everywhere. It is not. Teachers, firefighters, doctors, mayors, all these symbolic professions are under attack. As long as there are no heavy and exemplary sanctions, it will continue».

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