A meeting of leaders of the SCO Bishkek updated to the arrival of high guests

PHOTO : “World 24”


Bishkek meets the leaders of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO). The presidents of eight countries will take part in the two-day summit. On Thursday on the sidelines of the forum will be held the first meeting. The arrival of the high guests the capital of Kyrgyzstan, scale updated, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Jazgul Karimov.

Stele – the first thing guests will see, moving to Bishkek. It items mean that the capital is located among the mountains and all year round Sunny. The summit is the place overhauled. Now tourists can visit not only take pictures but also to relax.

The summit updated and the road from the airport to the city centre. Along the whole route changed the lighting. The highway was decorated with flags of the participating countries and installations with national ornaments and banners with greetings in the languages of the SCO member States.

Deputy head of Moscow architecture Marat Garaev these days is like taking an exam. A few months had a large-scale improvement of the city. Was attended by all municipal services. Planted flowers, did the tree lighting.

“Worked late, to assess the work left at night. I tried different materials, with different lighting,” – said the Deputy head of the Bishkek glavarhitektury.

To meet the high-can be prepared in a joint venture. It produces aluminum radiators. Six months ago, a Chinese businessman Lai Limin moved to Bishkek. Local food is still not used. According to him, there is a lot of meat. But some words in Kyrgyz and Russian languages have already mastered: “welcome” and “bread.”

“The idea of opening this enterprise originated in the Issyk-Kul forum. Therefore, at such meetings as forums in the framework of the SCO, we always try to participate. We just launched, we need to go for large volumes, need clients,” says Director of the company.

In the capital have already arrived representatives of Mongolia, Pakistan, India. The last two countries around the year as part of the SCO.

To highlight the meeting of SCO leaders in Bishkek are more than 500 foreign and local journalists. This year Kyrgyzstan is a country-Chairman of the organization.