A member of the “gang GTA” got 20 years for attempted escape

PHOTO : TASS / Sergei Fadeichev


20 years of a colony of a special regime for the attack on the convoy. The verdict Hasraton Dodohonov – the only survivor of the five members of the “gang GTA”. August 1, 2017, they tried to escape from custody at the courthouse and got into a shootout. Four of the attackers were fatally injured, reports “WORLD 24”.

Given the verdict in the main case, the court appointed Dodohonov a life sentence in a colony of special regime.

“Gang GTA” named group that from 2012 to 2014, attacked drivers in the suburbs. They were forced to stop on a deserted stretch of road, then killed and stole their belongings. According to investigators, the criminal group was at least 15 natives of Central Asia and they committed at least 15 robberies. The victims were 17 people.