A memory to another

D’un souvenir à l’autre

How the memory does it ? That is what makes a memory stays burned longer than another ? It is with these questions in mind that the filmmaker and author Martin Talbot has launched into writing his first novel, Too-fullstory, a narrative of fiction in which it unpacks with great tenderness, humor and many memories of youth.

Published by Éditions Stanké, Too-full is a small book of 144 pages, comprising 43 chapters are very short, which recount each moment of the life of the narrator. To write it, Martin Talbot (director of the film Henri Henri and of the tv series The Parent) has the household in her old memories in order to keep only those that it considers important or relevant.

“The idea of the novel is born out of a need to question me on the way was working my memory,” he says, in an interview. Why such or such a remembrance I had in mind, and was coming back to haunt me often ? I first had the idea of making a styling exercise in trying to write each of my pieces of memory in a different writing. This was not a project to be very clear at the beginning. I was writing simply to write, to entertain me and make me happy. “

Martin Talbot had started to tell his memories in the disorder, without having a clear idea of what he wanted to do. It is only towards the end of the writing process that the project began to take shape : “I found myself with a miscellany of full of chapters that had no real common thread,” he said. It was like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and I made the order there. It gives the impression that I knew where I was going. But the purpose is arrival end of the runway. “

Life with my father

The memories that Martin Talbot recounts in Too-full – back, for the most part, his childhood or his teenage years. The author evokes some painful moments of his youth, including a sexual assault that he suffered while he was a young adult. He also tells some events insignificant, which nevertheless marked forever, like the first time he ate a club sandwich (one of the chapters of the tastiest of the book).

Many of these memories are linked to the time when his father was still alive. This father, whom he never calls in the book, it is Gilles Talbot, a record producer and artists ‘ agent who lost his life in 1982, at the age of 43 years, while the small plane he was flying crashed in the south of the United States.

“My personal works revolve a lot around the theme of the missing father, admits Martin Talbot. My film Henri Henri, for example, dealt with this. When I started to write on the memory, I realized that most of the memories that I relatais revolved around the memory when I was young, so the time when my father was alive. “

By his own admission, Too-full – is his most personal to date : “Up to now, I have always hidden behind the fiction. Henri, Henri, this is my story, but I have so much fabulée that you can’t recognize me. Then, when I wrote this I was naive, saying to me : I write the “I”, then I’m going to be honest, even if it’s still fiction. I really tells my life there. I talk about my depression, my family. But I said to myself : I don’t care. Because I have 52 years old, and I no longer fear the gaze of others. While 10 years ago, I would have perhaps wondered what people would think of me. I totally reveals. I was afraid to do it at first, but strangely, I have never regretted having done it. “

Martin Talbot
144 pages

Martin Talbot
144 pages


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