A month “at least” to prepare back-to-school

Un mois «au moins» pour préparer le retour en classe

A return to the classroom may not happen overnight, warned the school principals, who say they need a period of “at least” a month to prepare.

“No matter when they will decide to reopen the schools, if we want to organize things, it’s going to take at least a good month, that’s for sure,” says Nicolas Prévost, president of the Fédération québécoise des directions d educational institution (FQDE).

Last Friday, prime minister François Legault has created the surprise by saying that a class return before may 4, was not ruled out, sparking a wave of concern among parents and teachers.

At the end of march, the government Legault had instead decreed that the schools would remain closed until early may because of the COVID-19.

Questions without answers

However, with all the upheavals in the course and possible health measures to be put in place, it is unthinkable to contemplate a return to school within two weeks, warns the president of the FQDE.

Hence the importance to quickly start the work of working committees, which must address these various issues over the next few weeks. “These jobs-there should already have to begin,” said Mr. Prevost.

Even before we can address the issues surrounding the reopening of schools, there is still more to clarify, he adds : “Just to manage the period of closure, one has his hands full. There are so many questions without answers. “

The Federation of trade unions of education, it also believes that there is “an urgent need” to determine ” how we will articulate the following things “. In normal times, the school staff is already hard at work to prepare for the coming school year, stresses its president, Josée Scalabrini.

“It’s an urgent matter that we sit and start to look at these tags-there, that priority is given to priorities, she said. There are lights everywhere. It is necessary to secure the families, the staff, it is necessary to prepare a return in our schools, and next school year. “

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