A more autonomous Quebec, now!

Un Québec plus autonome, maintenant!

In this time of ” war “against the global pandemic of the coronavirus, one comes to realize that one cannot count on its “allies” trade to save his skin when there is a risk of shortage of products.

Fully aware of the urgency of becoming more autonomous in terms of supply of products and services, François Legault, himself, goes from talk to action by instructing his ministers the keys of the quebec economy put in place financial assistance programs designed to support our businesses in the recovery of a Québec more economically sovereign.

It is on the shoulders of the squad economic formed of Peter Fitzgibbon (Economics), Eric Girard (Finance), Christian Dubé (Treasury) and John Ball (Work), is the stimulus of this new Quebec autonomous François Legault.


Ever since the 60’s the quiet Revolution have we seen the memorable slogan of Jean Lesage’s ” Now or never ! Masters among us, ” once again become as relevant as a goal of society.

Where there is urgency to become more economically independent as soon as Quebec will come out of his quarantine of the COVID-19, in particular in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, manufacturing, electronic commerce, textile and agricultural.

The first concrete gesture of Quebec to become more autonomous. François Legault has launched yesterday “The Blue Basket” in order to promote buying local, which he sees as more necessary than ever.

The Blue Basket, (the non-profit organization) aims to promote québec companies in the midst of a crisis of the COVID-19. The website ” LePanierBleu.ca ” is a digital platform non-transactional lists under the same banner all the québec retailers and their products. There are registered 1227 stores, 647 shops online and 978 businesses physical.

Words of François Legault : “there is a way to help our businesses now. It is to buy local. To buy quebec products, which are manufactured, distributed and sold by businesses. This is the time to change our buying habits… I call on Quebecers to stand in solidarity with our local contractors and all of their employees. We buy local. “

Parenthesis : when we think of online commerce, it is time that Quebec gets its Amazon quebec. Not a subsidiary of a foreign multinational, but rather a company entirely quebec !


In this period of global ” war ” against the COVID-19, you know that Québec is facing a serious problem of supply of medical products.

Part of the problem is caused by our dependence on foreign suppliers.

In 2019, the chapter ” pharmaceutical and medicinal products “, we have imported for the purpose of 3.64 billion and $ exported $ 1.76 billion $, which gives a “medical dependency” of $ 1.9 billion to foreign countries.

In 2019, Québec’s trade balance with foreign countries was in the red by $ 11.6 billion dollars, while our imports amounted to 105,1 billion dollars, compared with exports totalling $ 93,5 billion $. It is never too late to reverse the balance. Spread the word !

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