A mother accused of the murder of her young autistic son

Une mère accusée du meurtre de son jeune fils autiste

A mother in Florida was charged Saturday morning of first-degree murder of his autistic son was nine years old.

Patricia Ripley, 47 years old, has appeared before a court in the county of Miami-Dade for having drowned the young Alejando in a pond in the region.

The woman had initially told police that the child had been kidnapped by two thieves on Thursday evening while he was in the family car.

A veritable man-hunt had been triggered by the police to find the criminal and the child.

The body of Alejando was finally found in a pond at the Miccosukee Golf & Country Club, reports the Miami Herald.

According to authorities, Patricia Ripley would have tried to drown his son for the first time Thursday night, but his plan was thwarted by a good Samaritan who is thrown into the water to save the child.

“An hour later, she led her boy to another channel. This time, there was nobody to save him,” said the prosecutor in the Miami-Dade county, Katherine Fernandez Rundle at a press conference.

The contradictions in the story of the kidnapping by the mother and especially the use of images of surveillance cameras led to his arrest.

“He is now in a better place”, would she have said to the authorities.

According to the Miami Herald, Alejando was a autistic non-verbal who would have already attended a school for children with special needs.

However, he was back home for a few months. The police think Patricia Ripley would have been overwhelmed by the task.

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