A mother who has the health of the young at heart

Une mère qui a la santé des jeunes à cœur

Physical activity has always been at the heart of the life of Julie Bedard. For almost 50 years, this company executive decided to put on her hat influenceuse with adolescent girls in the context of the Relay Parent/Filleactive which will be held virtually this year on the 15th and 16th August next.

The president of Medicart, is a company specialized in aesthetic medicine and skin care, is one of 17 women in business in quebec who have accepted the challenge for the case company for most of their daughter. The campaign aims to raise

$ 100,000 to bring the teenage girls to stay active throughout their life.

“As leaders, we want to demonstrate that despite our 40-45-50 years, it is still active and we can be role models. It is good for our life, our work, our mental health and it leads us to discover a network that is completely different. It took me to get to know people completely different experience from the angle of sports “, stated Ms. Bédard in an interview with The Newspaper near the ring of the plains of Abraham.

The duo, as all those who are engaged will need to complete 20 km total walking or running during the week-end of August after eight weeks of training who serve primarily to foster the adoption of healthy habits on a regular basis.

His daughter Ann-Victoria, who will soon be 14 years old, goes by not a day without moving. Between workouts of ballet – before the pandemic, the freestyle skiing and walks with her dog, she doesn’t have too much time to breathe. Like her mother, the sport runs in his veins since his childhood.

At the height of the containment, even if the motivation could sometimes be more difficult, she made it a duty to continue his rehearsals in his room or in front of a screen in a video conference with her friends.

“It is a question that I took the time, and I am obliged to do it,” she says about her sport solo.

Very soon

For Julie Bédard, there are not a thousand and one ways to instill the importance of the practice of sport among young girls. This habit must be taken at an early age. According to the statistics available on the website of Filleactive, nine out of 10 girls do not meet the canadian standards for physical activity at the end of the secondary.

“One does not become active if one has not trained as. This is why it is so important to train and motivate young adolescent girls to stay active because you perdures in time, ” says the woman who describes herself as a sporty multi-disciplinary.

With the health crisis present and the past weeks have been challenging for many people, the physical activity helps to relieve stress and tension, she said. The importance hammer home the message to young girls so that they give themselves the necessary tools.

“With the containment that we have lived, to have the awareness to move, so that it evaporates the bad ideas and it is able to be fit and fresh for the floor [on our business], or to the home, where it can sometimes be a good challenge. “

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