A Mothers day successful in spite of everything in a CHSLD

Une fête des Mères réussie malgré tout en CHSLD

Residents in NURSING homes will not be able to see their children and their grandchildren this year on Mothers day, but technicians recreational dedicated would do anything to spend a beautiful day on Sunday.

In front of the CHSLD Saint-François, in Quebec city, Catherine Lescelleur has installed a mailbox so that the moms can have news of their loved ones on this special day.

“We have also ordered flowers. It took, however, ensure that they are all from the same florist for the disinfestation”, testified the technician in the leisure, who swears that the morale is good within his residence, spared so far by the coronavirus.

In most NURSING homes, the music will also take an important place for celebrations, even though, unlike other years, no group will be able to go to take back the great success of the French variety in the common room.

In some centres, the DJ will turn their deck in the parking lot, leaving them to entertain the elderly at the balcony.

The dame in blue on the phone

In the same vein, an association of musicians therapeutic of Montreal had planned to go sing the apple in front of homes Sunday, but the plans had to be reviewed because of the time abnormally cold this weekend.

The singer of the group will grow eventually the note at the end of the wire.

“In several residences, there is no Wi-Fi. It was therefore necessary to use a mode of communication of the last century. But come to think of it, I think that the emotion works even better on the phone. The music, it is really very powerful. Even people who suffer from Alzheimer’s often recall their favorite melodies, mentioned Françoise Henry, general director of the Société pour les arts en milieux de santé (SAMS).

Thanks to the support of several technicians in leisure, the SAMS will join more than 600 seniors Sunday with this first experience of the song to the phone.

The agentes anti-COVID

Everywhere in Quebec, the technicians recreation in NURSING homes should be imaginative to continue to entertain the residents in this dark period of time.

“It has not been easy to adapt at the beginning. These are girls rassembleuses, with which the residents have the habit of contacts. We asked them to be our anti-COVID, to ensure that the residences remain, in spite of the confinement, living environments,” said Eric Gagné, advisor-frame for the life of the integrated Centre of health and social services of Montérégie-Ouest.

Unrecognizable in their protective equipment, the technicians recreational animate now the traditional bingo in the halls of residence so that we can all stay confined in their room.

Sometimes, they are going to play cards in the rooms where the most lucid entrust their concerns in relation to the current situation.

Technicians have especially the task to help the residents to communicate with their family, which can give rise to emotional scenes.

“Surprisingly, the pandemic may have had a good. There are a lot of people who had not spoken to their father or their mother for years, who resumed contact,” said Catherine Lescelleur, convinced more than ever that it is an “essential service”.

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