A network of Italian counterfeiters dismantled by the SRPJ of Limoges

    A network of Italian counterfeiters dismantled by the SRPJ of Limoges

    The Regional Judicial Police Service (SRPJ) of Limoges enabled the arrest of a gang of counterfeiters last week. The investigation began on December 2 after the passage of three Italian nationals in many shops in Limoges, in which they have sold false 100 € bills according to a well-established procedure. They bought various goods at low prices to obtain a substantial change.

    The SRPJ of Limoges, seized of the case, was able to identify three Neapolitan forgers and demonstrate that the gang had raged between November 24 and December 14 throughout France: Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Orléans, Lille, Paris region, Toulouse, Nîmes and Montpellier.

    Nearly 400 counterfeit 100 € banknotes sold in France

    The trio were arrested in Lyon on the night of December 15 to 16. In their rental vehicle, investigators discovered many new and still labeled objects, as well as thea sum of € 35,000 corresponding to the change traders. According to an estimate of investigators, the gang would have issued 400 counterfeit tickets during their journey.

    According to the elements of the investigation, the 3 individuals belong to a structured criminal network, whose teams are sent to the countries of the euro zone to carry out “raid” in order to sell off counterfeit banknotes and repatriate the loot resulting from the return of change.

    They were presented before the Public Prosecutor of Limoges and the Judge of Freedoms and Detention and then imprisoned pending their immediate appearance this Monday afternoon before the Limoges Criminal Court.

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