A new drama in Atlanta revives the anger of the protesters anti-racism

Un nouveau drame à Atlanta ravive la colère des manifestants antiracisme

The head of the police of Atlanta has resigned after the death of a black man, shot by an officer white during his arrest, a case that has rekindled the anger of the protesters in the United States, while the mobilization against racism continued Sunday around the world.

Hundreds of demonstrators blocked a highway Saturday in the capital of the State of Georgia and burned down a restaurant close to the place where Rayshard Brooks was fatally wounded by a police officer. Dozens of people were arrested, according to CNN, citing the police of this city.

The mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, whose name has been advanced as a possible colistière of the democratic party Joe Biden for the presidential election in November, announced the resignation “immediate” Erika Shields, who headed the police of Atlanta for over 20 years.

The death of Rayshard Brooks spoke Friday evening on a background of continuing protests against the police violence and racism in the United States and in other countries, following the death at the end of may of George Floyd, an African-American who died asphyxiated by a white policeman in Minneapolis.

Anger is ” legitimate “

According to an official report, Rayshard Brooks, 27 years old, was asleep in his car on the driveway of the drive-in is a restaurant chain of fast-food Wendy’s, and employees of the establishment called the police because his vehicle was blocking the customers.

The man was intoxicated and resisted when two white police officers wanted to stop it, says the Bureau of investigation of the State of Georgia (GBI).

The images of the incident, made public on Sunday by the police, show a struggle between the officers and the suspect, who managed to grab the Taser gun of one of the police officers and fled.

But while the GBI says that Mr. Brooks turned around and pointed the Taser toward the officer who used his weapon “, the images showed that the suspect has his back turned to the policeman when he is wounded by bullets.

Transported to a hospital and operated on, he died soon after, state investigators, according to which an agent was wounded.

The police officer who shot, Garrett Rolfe, has been referred to the police of Atlanta and the second officer has been assigned to administrative tasks, reported the tv channel ABC News.

A lawyer acting on behalf of the family of the victim, Chris Stewart, has condemned the disproportionate use of force.

“In Georgia, a Taser is not a deadly weapon (…) there were other options than to shoot him in the back “, he told journalists.

Rayshard Brooks, the father of four children, had celebrated on the same day, the eighth anniversary of her daughter, according to the lawyer.

The ex-elected african-american from Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, the other colistière potential of Joe Biden, said on Sunday that the anger of the protesters was ” legitimate “.

“A man was killed because he slept in an alley and we know that this is not an isolated incident “, she explained.

This is the 48th case of a shooting involving a police officer on which the GBI investigation since the beginning of the year, according to the local daily newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Fifteen of those shootings have been fatal.

Human chain in Berlin

In Europe, in the aftermath of demonstrations against racism in France, Great Britain or Switzerland, the Germans took to the streets on Sunday, forming in particular a human chain in Berlin, while respecting social distancing to avoid spread of the coronavirus.

In his first reaction to the wave of protest actions on the territory of the united states, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin felt that they were the expression of the ” profound internal crises “, but they were not to be transformed ” in chaos and riots “.

In France, Human Rights Watch has called on the president and Emmanuel Macron to announce “concrete reforms” to cut it short to “identity checks, abusive and discriminatory” and to the ” racism within the forces of order.”

In this context, the statue of a famous Italian journalist, Indro Montanelli, has been degraded and defiled on Saturday evening by unknown assailants in a garden of Milan. The inscription “racist rapist” has been tagged the black paint on the base of this monument.

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