A new group of anti-tram wants a referendum; a demonstration to prepare

Un nouveau groupe anti-tramway veut un référendum; une manifestation se prépare

A new citizens ‘group anti-tram of Quebec hopes to rally thousands of protesters on 29 march, before the national Assembly, to express the opposition of a majority of the people” to the mega-project of$ 3.3 billion.

This is what the group Tram no thank you, that presents itself as politically independent, said in a Wednesday morning press briefing.

Created there is barely a month and funded solely by the contributions of six citizens, the grouping estimates that the mega-project “is not adapted to the needs of Quebec both at the level of the topography and climate. It’s going to be the road to the Church times a thousand”, according to the spokesperson Stéphane Lachance, referring to the major work carried out recently on this artery of Sainte-Foy.


The collective is composed of the six founding members, half of which lies in Quebec. It is defined as “the spokesman of monsieur-madame-tout-monde”. He wants the Quebec government to put pressure on the City for the organisation of a referendum or a municipal election early, specifically focused on the mega-project.

In the eyes of the members of the group, the other priority is to freeze expenses related to the streetcar and to secure the amounts that are on the table to invest in a project transit other than the streetcar.

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