A new mentor to Guerrero son

Un nouveau mentor pour Guerrero fils

The player of the Toronto Blue Jays, Vladimir Guerrero son will have to get used to his new position, he has recently made the transfer from the third to the first cushion. He will have a great mentor in teammate Rowdy Tellez.

Even if the change of position may seem subtle, it comes with its share of adjustments.

“It’s a different position, said Tellez, the network Sportsnet. The game walk around the cushion is different, there are certain things that you don’t make the third goal. All I can say is it is wonderful. He works very hard, and I’m glad to see the work he is doing and it poses the right questions.”

“This is an excellent teammate,” says the American about his team-mate of 21 years. It does not with certain things, such as his game time. He only wants everyone to be happy and that all the world be at its best.”

The presence of Guerrero, son to the first goal could deprive Tellez of game time, but the latter also does not with it. The athlete 25-year-old could even force the hand of his manager, Charlie Montoyo, since he already has three circuits in two meetings intraéquipe. Tellez remains humble despite everything and helps as best he can his team-mates to improve on a daily basis.

“When I go to withdraw against a pitcher, I want to know how they to me have removed, added the player of the first cushion. I ask these questions, and vice-versa. When you strike the ball well, they [the pitchers] want to know: “how it was in the air when the ball is out of my glove? What was the reason? How have you been able to follow the ball?””

“I am the best and they make me better because they tell me what I did wrong and I tell them when they perform poorly their launch. It is simply to be a good teammate.”

In any case, Charlie Montoyo will have a difficult decision to make on July 24, when his team will start its season against the Rays in Tampa Bay, whether Tellez or Guerrero son will start the year at first base.

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