A new nautical creation from the designer of Tony Accurso's “Touch”

A new nautical creation from the designer of Tony Accurso's

A high-value yacht, handcrafted in an old Champlain barn, was launched today in Trois-Rivières.

Its peculiarity is that its designer is the same who made the famous boat of entrepreneur Tony Accurso, the “Touch”.

Michel Dufresne, the designer, was not there to savor the event: he died three weeks ago.

His close family and friends attended the farewell ceremony.

“He was the one who designed the boats. He was self-taught, Michel. He learned from books, ”said his brother Denis.

The designer had planned to sell the yacht for nearly $ 1 million once completed, far from the $ 25 million it had cost Tony Accurso for the overhaul of the “Touch”.

The work at the mouth of the Saint-Maurice River was spread over five years. Michel Dufresne had requested the help of 40 assistants. The “Touch” was the most important of the 56 creations appearing in Michel Dufresne's portfolio.

The one that has just been launched was still the “boat of his dreams”, revealed his brother.

His latest creation is a 45-foot motorboat with a very careful decoration. Seventeen varnish applications would have been required in places.

“This boat is somewhat inspired by boats from the Italian Riviera,” added Denis Dufresne.

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