A new position on the wearing of the mask

Une nouvelle position sur le port du masque

Reluctant so far to recommend wearing a mask to protect against the coronavirus, the Dr Horacio Arruda will adopt this week a “new position” and advise the same Quebecers who want to make a version of artisanal.

The national Director of public health has defended itself Monday against wearing a mask in public places. Dr. Arruda is concerned, however, that people feel “invincible” with a mask, the same craft, and not neglect at the same time the measures of social distancing and hand washing.

“There is a literature that begins to demonstrate that, perhaps, the port of the mask may be an element contributing to a decrease in epidemics. But it must be done properly”, he nevertheless agreed, during the daily press conference on the state of spread of the virus.

To avoid people making a mask with a t-shirt, the public health authorities have seen fit to put together a little guide to making and using masks.

“In the course of the week, we will have a new position in relation to that so that people could make masks with certain conditions, which will be adequate. […] It will give you the same quote, unquote, the best fabric or the best elements to be able to create your own, slipped the Dr. Arruda. It will probably even make videos to explain to people how to put it, how to remove it”.

The prime minister François Legault has even added that discussions were currently underway regarding the wearing of masks in schools and child care services.

“Is that likely to be part of the solution? May-be, may-be. But we are in discussions, currently”, he stated.

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