a new prototype of the Nomad unveiled

a new prototype of the Nomad unveiled

SEGA is offering a rather original initiative for its 60th anniversary: ​​a large quiz, open to all, which will test our knowledge of the hedgehog firm. And to allow even the boeotians to participate, several video courses, led by members of the staff, will be offered.

The first of them, presented by Hiroyuki Miyazaki (the daddy of the MD Mini, but also producer of many titles since the beginning of the 2000s and present at the beginning of the Katana project), gives us a course on the various home hardware of SEGA released during the 90s, and takes the opportunity to show us for the first time a prototype of the SEGA Nomad, then named Venus. Like that, like nothing.

We then discover a console with more traditional forms than the final model, a gray reminiscent of the Japanese Saturn, and which looks rather proud for a prototype. We have seen machines marketed that were less well finished * cough * DS tank * cough *.

This first video, which lasts more than 20 minutes, goes back to the tradition of giving the names of planets to console projects. We learn for example that “Earth” was never the code name of the Mega Drive, but that in homage to this rumor, the MD Mini received the code name “Moon”. Or that the code name “Mercury” was given to the Game Gear a posteriori, the Saturn having been the first hardware project to have a planet name.

a new prototype of the Nomad unveiled

Miyazaki even emerges from working documents of the time, such as this template for drawing in pixels, on which is written the code name of the Mega Drive: Mark 5.

a new prototype of the Nomad unveiled

By the way, Miyazaki also talks about the Neptune, whose project was unsuccessful because the Saturn had already been released, and not at all because the 32X had flopped, hahahah, what are you going to imagine let’s see, and denies the rumors of the existence of a project called “Pluto”, without being quite sure that no Saturn project with a built-in modem has ever been studied.

To return to the quiz, three sessions will take place:

– Saturday January 23 at 12h00 HF,– Sunday January 24 at 2:00 am HF,– Sunday January 24 at 9 a.m. HF.

The test, made up of 60 questions and lasting 60 minutes, will be identical each time, and it will be possible to take it several times.

All participants will automatically be entered into a lottery to win a Test set, with special cards, while the best will get a signed photo of Sega Shiro. Oh yes.

Prior registration and a Twitter or Facebook account are required to participate in the test. As the site and the review videos are translated into English, it can be assumed that this will also be the case for the quiz, especially since the exam session times cover several time zones, but this is not confirmed at 100%.

To find all the details on the quiz, and the review videos, go to the following address, and above all, remember to record the session times in your diary!

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