a new swastika painted on a nativity scene in Melun

    a new swastika painted on a nativity scene in Melun

    While 67 graves had been desecrated in Fontainebleau during the night from Sunday to Monday, another Nazi tag was found in Melun on Tuesday.

    A swastika accompanied by the word “#Biobananas” and the name “Charles”. This is what the inhabitants of Melun could read this Tuesday morning on the metal curtains of the municipal crèche “Les Dauphins”: after the desecration of 67 graves in a cemetery in Fontainebleau with Nazi inscriptions, the same pink tags were found at this Melunaise daycare.

    This is not the first time that the city of Melun has seen its establishments and its walls tagged: since the end of October, a dozen similar tags have already been listed, and the mayor of Melun Louis Vogel claims to have already filed a complaint at least four times.

    «Systematically erased»#By the agents of the municipality, these inscriptions were found on different places of the city, both public and private. “We found the same kind of tags on private walls, on an Intermarché, on a young space, in a tunnel that passes below the station, on a footbridge, a school … There is no real coherence, it is difficult to see the logic behind the choice of these places. But they are always the same types of inscriptions, quite enigmatic», Confides to Figaro the deputy director of the cabinet of the mayor of Melun Nicolas Vergne. “The only reference we have is that ‘#Biobananas’ was a rave party group twenty years ago in Seine-et-#Marne.».

    Asked about the tags found in the cemetery of Fontainebleau, Nicolas Vergne ensures “that it is probably the same author» car «there are similarities». «We have a crazy tagger who acts in the region, but with what happened in Fontainebleau, we go from the field of contravention to tort “, explains the deputy director of the cabinet.

    Other similar tags combining the terms ‘Charles’, ‘#Biobananas’ and a swastika have also been found in Vert-#Saint-#Denis and Vaux-le-#Vicomte.

    In Fontainebleau, an investigation was opened for “degradation of graves“. The Melun court prosecutor’s office has also opened an investigation, and, due to many similarities, the two cases could probably be joined in a joint investigation.

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