A new trend – Cycling shorts: who will suit and how to wear them

Sportchek back in fashion! And therefore do not hesitate and fill up your wardrobe with trendy velosipedni.

Новий тренд - велосипедки: кому підійдуть і як їх носити

A new trend has surprised and pleased at the same time the fashionistas of the world. Cycling shorts again settled in their closets. Fancy pants is happy to carry all of it girl, and this is a serious reason to take a closer look at the fashion trends, informs Rus.Media.

And in the feast and in the world

This expression is perfect velosipedi. Celebrities with the same pleasure wearing them as gym and travel to them on the red carpet. It turns out this sports item it is possible to make friends with everyday things.

Новий тренд - велосипедки: кому підійдуть і як їх носити

Many famous brands, such as Cavalli, Fendi, Chanel has hastened to please his fans shorts in their collections.

However, many refer to this part of the wardrobe is very suspicious. And all because she is teetering on the brink between almost underwear and sports clothes, too tight and very openly shown to others especially of the thighs and buttocks. Although, for example, Kim Kardashian believes it is more likely advantage than a disadvantage.

Therefore, all of the above ‒ not a reason to abandon the purchase velocitv.

With what they wear?


Новий тренд - велосипедки: кому підійдуть і як їх носити

A great option for the warm season, when you need to go shopping, walk or work. In this set you will be comfortable and not hot. By the way, the extended model of shorts are suitable not only slender girls. The ladies in the body, they also allowed, as it will help visually hide the flaws.

Complete all small backpack or bag-bananai and sports shoes, and a beautiful bow ready.

Denim jacket/leather

Новий тренд - велосипедки: кому підійдуть і як їх носити

Just note that in this set you will not remain without attention, so the selection of items of clothing should be approached carefully and intelligently. Basis and significant part – the shorts are white or gray. They fit top or tank, sandals or summer boots-stockings heels and jacket oversized.


I agree, the option is quite unusual, but fashion gurus claim that this combination can be considered a classic, and it is quite possible to wear in the office. Even with sports shoes, as shown on the picture

Новий тренд - велосипедки: кому підійдуть і як їх носити

In the warm season jacket can be worn on bare skin, in autumn and spring under the bottom fit shirt classic style.

Especially looks interesting for such a kit with an elongated jacket, papasan thin strap, classic pumps and a scarf.

Mini skirt or dress

The rage is to wear Cycling shorts under a short skirt or dress. Now girls don’t have to worry about comfort, and to sit or lean anywhere, without fear that they will submit for public review their own underwear.

Новий тренд - велосипедки: кому підійдуть і як їх носити

Importantly, not too Cycling shorts peeking out from under the counter. By the way, Bella Hadid is pleased to support this trend by wearing black bike shorts under a denim skirt.

Designers entering into the taste, offering fashionable women also pay attention to leather, and denim shorts. The first can be combined with a jacket of the same material, creating a great set (at the bottom will fit the top), and the denim shorts look great with a t-shirt, an alcoholic, over which is worn a plaid shirt.

To make a sports thing more suited to the casual style, the designers also began to actively decorate it with embroidery, crystals, and stitching of the satin.

Новий тренд - велосипедки: кому підійдуть і як їх носити

If your wardrobe appeared Cycling shorts, get t-shirts, swote and even pants. They are perfect in a couple of sports things. The main thing – to emphasize the waist. Then it will visually seem more slim, hip – appetizing and curvy.