A new trend in Hollywood to marry smart

Новый тренд Голливуда - жениться на умных

A new trend in Hollywood to marry smart
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Men change famous Actresses and models of intellectualism.

When it is something for a Hollywood macho man the main in life was sex, rock-n-roll and crazy beauty around. Now the famous men other values: they give a woman so beautiful, how smart. Preferably not from the movie world, but it is successful. To marry a cute new Hollywood trend: for the sake of their stellar Heartbreakers willing to sacrifice not only freedom, but also ambition. And can not shy to admit that their women know much more.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

It seemed that no woman can melt the heart of George. After Affairs with Hollywood stars (among whom were Rene Zellweger and Kelly Preston) Clooney claimed that he was a much nicer society manual of max pigs than the next potential bride. And you can understand that my friend the actor himself usually chose beauties, not burdened with intelligence.

From 2009 to 2011, George was Dating Italian model Elisabetta Canalis, was talking about “charm, what silly”. Next girlfriend, Clooney, athlete Stacey Keebler (with her actor lived from 2011 to 2013), was chosen to improve physically, not spiritually. “And talk?” – wistfully thought George, looking for a girlfriend, huffing and puffing on the treadmill.

Heart 52-year-old bachelor trembled, when at a family dinner at my parents, he met 36-year-old lawyer Amal Alamuddin. A graduate of the law faculty at new York University, an expert in international court of justice, the lawyer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is to resist a woman like that George just could not.

– I have no doubt that my wife is superior to me mind, – confessed to Clooney after the wedding. And I’m glad he is! Is it bad to surround yourself with people smarter than you? The more the bar is my not so high, and in any kind of intellectual battle Amal always wins. And how impressive it looks at the judicial robe!

Brad pitt and Neri Oxman

Fans wondered: what should be the woman, which again will make 54-year-old brad happy? After all, to compete with Angelina Jolie is not so easy. The answer is simple: very smart. New darling pitt – Professor of architecture mit faculty. Neri Oxman – known in the USA artist and designer, she has appeared on the covers of glossy magazines. Neary the same age as Jolie, she is 42 years old. And she is as beautiful as Angelina. But most importantly, their pitt share a common passion for architecture. They met while working on a joint design project in November last year.

The passion between them flared almost immediately – say friends of the couple. Brad planned to stay in Massachusetts for a couple of days, but in the end stayed for a week. Neri invited him to dinner at his apartment, and he came.

Pitt and his girlfriend travel a lot together – they are working on several international projects. Oxman arranges exhibitions, lectures students, publishes in journals. They say pitt is so crazy about your girlfriend even is thinking of leaving acting career and to practice architecture professionally.

Новый тренд Голливуда - жениться на умных

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Antonio Banderas and Nicole Kempel

The engagement of the 57-year-old Spanish actor and his 38-year-old girlfriend became known in July 2017. With an investment banker from Holland Nicole Kempel Antonio Banderas Dating 2014 – shortly after he announced his divorce from actress Melanie Griffith. All 18 years of their marriage, the ex-wife didn’t give Antonio bored: Melanie was having constant problems with alcohol, cocaine and painkillers. She regularly went to the clinic to do another plastic surgery, and in rehabilitation centers to get rid of addiction to alcohol and pills.

But a new girlfriend, Banderas brought his life more regular and tidy. Nicole takes a leadership position in major European corporations and as a financier, loves to plan everything and sort through. Apparently, this is the woman and not enough of Banderas at the end of her marriage to Griffith rather tired of the bad habits of his wife and her rapidly perishable nature.

Новый тренд Голливуда - жениться на умных

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Chris Zylka and Paris Hilton

You will not believe, but for some people Paris Hilton is an intellectual. In any case, the groom, 37-year-old heiress of a hotel chain, actor Chris Zylka, considers her the smartest woman he ever met. Perhaps it was the fact that Chris is five years younger, or that he never really graduated from high school, a teenager started acting in serials.

– Paris – a real intellectual – said a guy once in an interview. – It is one of the most intelligent women I have ever met. – I can ask her advice on any issue and she will always find an answer. She just has no flaws.

Новый тренд Голливуда - жениться на умных

Photo: globallookpress.com Noah Kalina/wikipedia.org

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

The hero of “Beauty” in early April, married for the third time. New darling Gere – not from the world of cinema: Spanish Alejandra Silva – journalist and human rights activist. The previous wife of the actor, by contrast, were the stars and recognized beauties. One Cindy Crawford is worth something! They were married from 1991 to 1995. Geer met Cindy at a friend’s house photographer, when a model came to see their new photoshoot for “Playboy”. “I was terribly ashamed, but Richard’s eyes blazed” – then told Cindy. They were considered one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples. But it did not happen: Cindy was too young and did not take their marriage seriously.

The second wife of Gere was the “James bond girl” actress Carey Lowell. The couple lived together for 14 years, they have a son Homer. But something again went wrong. Richard seriously interested in Buddhism, and Cary’s spiritual practices were rather noisy party.

About his new beloved 68-year-old actor says: “I found a calm and happy life I was always looking for.” 35-year-old Spanish woman – the daughter of the former Vice-President of football club “real Madrid” Ignacio Silva. Alejandra well endowed (she was married to an American magnate Gowanda Friedland, whose fortune is estimated at 1.8 billion dollars, and after the divorce received generous compensation), and therefore devoted himself to philanthropy. Silva manages it based organization that helps the homeless. “When we saw each other, our karma, as if attracted to each other,” said the actor about his future wife. And Yes, she is also a Buddhist: Richard even introduced her to the Dalai Lama.

Новый тренд Голливуда - жениться на умных

Photo: globallookpress.com


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