A new week will start with rains

Новая неделя начнется с дождей

A new week will start with rains
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In Ukraine there are rains. Photo: Sergey Lyudkevych

And in the Carpathians on July 14-15 and is significantly colder.

Monday, July 9, in Ukraine will be up to 30 degrees. In the East and the South – to +33, and to the West a little cooler.

With the advent of the anticyclone Falk the rains, but in the South and East will be less. This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

– In Kiev tomorrow +27, +28, no precipitation, and the probability of a local rain storm, she warned.

As predicted Didenko informed, on 10 July, precipitation is expected almost throughout Ukraine. In the West, cool weather.

July 11-12 will be periodic rains in most regions of Ukraine. Peter and Paul in the Western and Northern regions – Sunny.

And already on July 14-15 in the Carpathian mountains is much colder.

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