a New Year’s Eve with a few firecrackers and a lot of silence

    a New Year’s Eve with a few firecrackers and a lot of silence0

    Rouen passed in 2021 in relative silence. The city, placed under a curfew like the rest of the country, came to life for a few moments around midnight. Concerts of casseroles in the windows, “happy New Yearshouted from the balconies and some handcrafted fireworks. Then, as the minutes pass, silence returns.

    Right bank, the historic center is plunged into darkness and calm. We can hear, here and there, the muffled noises of private parties, following the balconies left open by smokers. But in the streets, almost nobody. A few police crews survey the rue Jeanne-d’Arc and the bridges spanning the Seine. But the curfew is generally respected. On the platforms, the cars can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    Direction the heights of the city, in the more residential districts. Here too, what is most striking is the silence. At the foot of the towers of the Grand-#Mare and Châtelet districts, the cars slowly take the frost in the cold night. Back in the center, the station, illuminated, seems quite alone in the dark night. The cathedral does not even have the right to any lighting.

    The forecourt of Rouen Cathedral, the night of December 31, 2020. © Radio France
    – Cédric Lang-#Roth

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