A new york policeman will be indicted for having manhandled a protester

Un policier new-yorkais va être inculpé pour avoir malmené une manifestante

A new york policeman has been charged Tuesday for having violently pushed a woman protester on the 29th of may, the first charge of an agent to new york since the beginning of demonstrations against police violence and racism that undermine the United States.

During a virtual hearing in the State court of Brooklyn, the police officer, Vincent D Andraia, 28, was formally charged with several misdemeanors, including assault, harassment, threatening behavior and crimes, said a spokesman for the attorney of Brooklyn.

“As a prosecutor, I can’t tolerate the use of excessive force against anyone exercising a right (of show, editor’s NOTE) protected by the Constitution,” said Eric Gonzalez, in a press release. “This is especially true for those who have sworn an oath to protect us and defend the right. I am very disturbed by this assault. The accused will be held accountable. “

A video was circulated on the social networks where we see Mr. D Andraia insult a woman protester, and push it violently, letting it fall on the floor. The police officer then continues to walk.

The protester, identified as Dounya Zayer, 20 years old, she released another video, where we see her briefly filming the police with his phone.

The police officer asked him to ” clear the street “, she answered, “Why?” and we see him sketch out a gesture to repel them before the recording stops.

Mr. D Andraia was released pending a next hearing scheduled for October 15th next.

In the event of a conviction, the sanction could go from a “conditional suspension until jail time,” said a spokesman for the prosecutor, who stressed, however, that a prison sentence was “not generally” imposed in such cases.

This is the first indictment of a new york policeman since the early manifestations of the movement Black Lives Matter (the lives of black count) caused by the death of George Floyd, asphyxiated by a police officer in Minneapolis on may 25.

Like other municipal police services, the new york police, the largest in the country with almost 36 000 officers, has been very criticized after video footage of the interventions, the brutal agents against the protesters.

After having defended the attitude of the police, mayor Bill de Blasio has promised that all incidents would be the subject of an investigation, that the penalties needed to be taken and made public.

A great deal of criticism — hundreds of demonstrators called for his resignation on Monday evening it was also announced on Tuesday that five streets of the city — one in each of the districts of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island — would be painted and then renamed to the name of Black Lives Matter.

The mayor, a democrat from the federal capital, Washington, dc, Muriel Bowser, had Friday makes paint in all capital letters, the same slogan on an artery leading to the White House.

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