A New Yorker killed his father during a meeting on Zoom

New York | An American 32-year-old killed his father while the latter was participating in a virtual meeting on Zoom, the first murder known committed during a meeting on the platform, police said in the county of Suffolk, in the outskirts of new york city.

It was past midday Thursday, when Thomas Scully-Powers was stabbed to death his father, Dwight Powers, 72 years of age, in the town of Amityville, Long Island, known particularly for the horror film that bears his name, released in 1979.

These are the participants of this virtual meeting, who, seeing what was happening, had called the emergency services, police said in a press release.

What the participants have seen remains to be clarified.

“We don’t know what they have seen. It is thought that they were a twenty” to participate in the meeting, said a senior police officer, Kevin Beyrer, the local newspaper Newsday. “They have just disappeared of the screen and then heard breathing hard”.

The son tried to escape, but was caught by police not far from the scene of the crime and briefly hospitalized.

He was released from the hospital Friday morning, and was to be formally charged on Friday for murder, said the police.

This crime seems to be the first to be held on the platform Zoom, with the number of users has exploded with the containment measures imposed to stem the pandemic.

Millions of people now face on a daily basis to chat, drink a glass or celebrate birthdays on Zoom as the platforms with rivals such as Google Hangouts or FaceTime.

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