A nice honor for the coach of the Impact

Un bel honneur pour l’entraîneur de l’Impact

According to the supporters, Thierry Henry is the greatest player that has evolved in the English Premier League soccer.

The coach of the Montreal Impact received the title following a competition organised by the tabloid british “The Daily Mirror”.

He has chosen 32 players and has resisted in a knockout tournament. The supporters have voted for the man they thought to be the best at every turn, until a winner is ultimate to be determined.

Henry was chosen at the expense of Ryan Giggs in the final. The Frenchman has won his last confrontation with 81% of the vote.

The driver of the Blue-White-Black has spent 10 years in the Premier League with Arsenal. Henry has scored 226 goals and greatly helped his training to put the hand on two tracks of the circuit English, and two cups of England.

The attacker had his best campaign in 2003-2004, when it was moving the rope 30 times in 37 parties. He had also been crowned player of the year that season.

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