A night under curfew “generally calm”, but some clandestine parties and police officers targeted

    A night under curfew “generally calm”, but some clandestine parties and police officers targeted

    According to the first lifts of the night, this New Year’s Eve of December 31 “went rather well”. He was “generally calm” despite a few incidents and “the fears that we might have”, said Friday the entourage of the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin. However, throughout the country, underground parties were held despite the bans.

    Clandestine parties and verbalizations

    In the Paris region, some evenings were particularly noted in the 1st arrondissement of the capital, in Villeneuve-la-#Garenne, Nanterre (Hauts-de-#Seine), Ivry-sur-#Seine (Val-de-#Marne).

    In Chelle (Seine-et-#Marne), nearly 120 people were being fined in the morning of Friday, for having participated in an illegal party in an abandoned hangar in the industrial zone of Chelles. Four people, including the vigil and the DJ of the evening, were heard in open hearing as part of an open investigation for “endangering the lives of others” and “hidden work”, said a close source of the investigation.

    In regions, clandestine festivals had to be interrupted and reports drawn up. This was particularly the case in Colomiers or even in Marseille, where 170 of these revelers were fined for violating the curfew.

    In Ille-et-#Vilaine, a rave party is still underway in Lieuron. Gendarmes were targeted by projectile fire, three were slightly injured and one of their vehicles went up in smoke.

    Police taken to task, police officers injured in Roubaix

    In the Paris region, police officers were targeted by mortar fire, in particular in Limeil-#Brévannes, Arcueil, Villemomble, Noisy-le-#Grand, Nanterre … Same phenomenon in a few regions outside Ile-de-#France, notably in Nantes where police came under mortar fire. Vehicles and garbage cans were also set on fire, according to Ouest-#France.

    Three police officers were slightly injured, targeted by fireworks mortars in the sensitive district of Beau Marais, in Calais, according to a police source and the prefecture.

    An individual was arrested and taken into custody at the end of these disturbances, which started around 9 p.m., the prefecture said in a statement. “The police force intervened for about thirty individuals who used pyrotechnics on the public highway” with mortar fire “causing damage to the windows of certain apartments”, according to the prefecture.

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    A tour of the news to start the day

    According to a police source, the return to calm took place around 2 a.m., after the arrival of CRS reinforcements.

    Tense night in Bordeaux, post office burned down

    According to Sud-#Ouest, garbage cans, cars and buildings were set on fire in Bordeaux, particularly in the Aubiers district where groups of young people set fire to the post office which was damaged despite the intervention of the firefighters.

    Bus and tram stops were also destroyed, and police said they had wiped “a shower” of fireworks and projectiles.

    There were no injuries or arrests, we learned from the police.

    Incidents also took place in Pessac, or on the right bank in the cities of Lormont, Cenon and Floirac.

    A dead in Alsace

    And in Alsace, a 25-year-old man was fatally wounded while handling a firework mortar. Another young man who was with him was wounded in the face.

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