A nightcap of two simple ingredients will “melt” the excess weight for 1 week

Коктейль на ночь из двух простых ингредиентов «расплавит» лишний вес за 1 неделю

How many amazing and unknown recipes! This will allow you to get rid of excess weight in a short time a week. Here is a recipe to literally “melting” fat helpful and a vitamin cocktail.

Components of the cocktail for weight loss

  • Water to 300 ml;1

    Cinnamon powder to a teaspoon;+

  • 50 grams of natural honey bee.+


To prepare a unique cocktail for weight loss, it is recommended to boil water. After boiling water is poured into the Cup, and then it poured cinnamon. After the composition has cooled, add honey. This should be done in order to bee “nectar” has not lost its useful properties when in contact with boiling water.+

It is recommended to consume the drink half a Cup at night. It is also useful consumption in the morning before you start taking write. If you feel fine, can make and in the afternoon, also to the consumption of food.+

Try it and see for yourself – in just 7 days excess weight will leave you. Many have tried the recipe of people are already amazed with the results. Your turn!

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