A nutritionist told me how to love sports

Диетолог рассказала, как полюбить занятия спортом

Nutritionist Helen Cullen gave useful advice that will help you to love sports.

About it reports “RBC-Ukraine”. ⠀

“The secret of people who exercise regularly, simple — they do what brings them pleasure! Everyone’s body needs to move, but to each is their own. If sports don’t like, it’s likely that you’ve chosen the kind of activity, — said the expert.

She gave several recommendations that will help to do sports with pleasure:⠀

Find what suits you: watch videos, explore what kinds of activities exist. The main thing — try different, 2-3 workout. If one does not fit, try another, it is important to enjoy the process.

Praise yourself for small achievements. To show visible progress to do a few months, and this discourages many. Therefore, it is important not to expect quick results. If today you ran for a minute or more do 11 pushups instead of 10 — this is also progress!

Listen to your body. Not necessarily all the time to do the same kind of exercise. Every day pay attention to which part of the body needs to move. If you feel that you want to stir up the arms and shoulders, there is no need today to run, it will bring less fun.

Develop the right habits. For regular sports activities need a habit, so make sure you exercise daily for at least a few minutes even one. The body will begin to like it and it will ask for more activity.

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