A “O Canada” bilingual

Un «Ô Canada» bilingue

The national hockey League (NHL) has not repeated the affront to forget the French in the national anthem of canada on Monday night, during the second matchup between the Montreal canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

At the first meeting, the interpreter, the singer Michael Bublé, had failed to use the language of Molière, which had provoked some outcry. Several public personalities, including the former mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, had expressed their discontent.

On Monday evening, is the singer for alberta’s Brett Kissel, who performed the’O Canada. The latter has made the effort to sing some lines of the anthem in French.

A request for Molson

The owner of the Canadian, Goeff Molson, asked directly to the Penguins that the“O Canada” is interpreted in both official languages.

This was confirmed the vice-president for public affairs of the CH, Paul Wilson, in an email exchange with QMI Agency.

As the “Pens” are the host team for the first two games of that series of a maximum of five meetings, it is the standard that the national anthem be sung only in English.

In normal times, the’O Canada is sung in both official languages only in Montreal and Ottawa.

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