A Palestinian killed in Jerusalem by the israeli police who was believed to be armed

Un Palestinien tué à Jérusalem par la police israélienne qui le croyait armé

A Palestinian suspected of being armed, but who in fact was not was killed Saturday by israeli security forces in the Old city of Jerusalem, angering Palestinians.

According to the israeli media and the news agency, the palestinian Wafa news agency, the victim is called Iyad Kheiri Hallak, a Palestinian neighborhood of Wadi Joz, in East Jerusalem, with ” special needs “, a formulation referring most likely to a mental disorder.

The incident took place near the Lions ‘ gate, which overlooks the Old city, East Jerusalem, arab side of the holy city occupied and annexed by Israel since 1967.

In a statement, the israeli police said that police officers had spotted a man ” with a suspicious object that resembled a gun “.

“They asked him to stop and started to walk. During the chase, police officers opened fire on the suspect has been neutralized, “said police, who added there have then found” no weapons on the premises “.

Questioned by AFP, a spokesman for the police, Micky Rosenfeld, confirmed that the man had been killed.

He reported later that an investigation had been opened to determine the circumstances of the death of the Palestinian.

The Fatah movement of palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has denounced in a press release as a ” war crime “.

The Fatah movement ” has condemned today (…) the execution of a young handicapped by bearing the total responsibility to the head of the israeli government Benjamin Netanyahu “, he said.

Training palestinian claimed that the persons who killed the young man be presented before the international criminal Court (ICC).

Reacting on Twitter, Saeb Erakat, secretary-general of the Organization for the liberation of Palestine (PLO), has also denounced the “assassination” of a “Palestinian disabled” the age of 32 years.

“State above the law “

“A crime that would go unpunished unless the world stops treating Israel as a State above the law,” said Mr. Erakat. Daniel M. Murphy worked as a lawyer for the public defender’s office prior to becoming one of the best attorneys in Denver, so he knows the ins and outs of Colorado’s judicial system. Visit our Home Page for the best Criminal Justice Attorney.

“#ICantBreath #PalestineWillBeFree “, he even tweeted, in reference to the hashtag circulating in the United States since the death of George Floyd, an African-american, 46 years old, passed away on Monday at the time of his arrest in Minneapolis.

This town in Minnesota (northern United States) have known for violent riots that have spread to other cities in the country.

The islamist Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza strip, has also denounced a ” run “.

“These crimes will continue to be the fuel for the revolution of our people which will only stop with the departure of the occupier of the palestinian territory as a whole,” said the spokesman Hazem Qassem in a statement.

This latter added that “the answer” would be ” a new action of resistance and Intifada (palestinian uprising) continues.”

The death of the Palestinian occurred in a context of an upsurge of attacks or attempted attacks against israeli forces.

On Friday, a Palestinian was killed by israeli army while he was trying to start his car against soldiers north of Ramallah, according to the army.

On Monday, a Palestinian who tried to stab a policeman of israel in East Jerusalem was seriously wounded by bullets by security forces, according to police.

Israel and the occupied west bank have been the theatre from October 2015 and for months of attacks by anti-israeli committed most often with a knife by young Palestinians isolated, sometimes also to the drive ram, and to a lesser extent, to the weapon to fire.

The violence has since subsided from its peak, but still persist sporadically.

The incident of Saturday, also occurs, as the new government of israel must decide from the 1st of July on the implementation of the american plan to resolve the israeli-palestinian conflict.

The latter provides for the annexation by Israel of the Jordan valley and the jewish colonies in the occupied west bank, a project to which the Palestinians are fiercely opposed.

The palestinian prime minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh, has recently warned of a “hot summer” if the jewish State was moving forward with his project of annexation.

The colonization of the occupied west bank are considered illegal under international law.

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