A patient care attendant transferred from one institution to the other

Une préposée aux bénéficiaires mutée d’un établissement à l’autre

For several days, the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, demand clearly that the people stop walking from one establishment of the health to another. But, in Saguenay, health care workers continue to work in several different places.

This is the case for a woman to beneficiaries who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, reported VAT News, Sunday.

It wishes to denounce the situation in which it is located. During the last seven days, she had to go to three different places to handle various patients : in the hospital of Chicoutimi as well as two NURSING homes distinct, including one where there was an outbreak of COVID-19.

“It is sent from one edge and then the other, it is called an 8-h night to know where we are going in the morning,” she says. One braille and are afraid of being infected, but also spreading the virus. I have done three places in a week, but I have colleagues who have made it five in just seven days, it has no common sense.”

In addition to fear of the spread of the COVID-19, the attendant has some concerns in relation to the material that is provided. According to his words, it is better protected when working in an area considered to be less at risk than when she is working in a red zone.

“At the hospital, a place considered as an area with warm (with little risk), I had access to a visor! When I went to work in the NURSING homes in the outbreak, which is considered a red zone, I was a lot less protected”, she says.

In spite of these conditions, it must respond to the call, because if she refuses to come to work, her employer has been clear : a note will be added to his file.

“If it continues the same, we will all end up in burn-out, it sure is”, she says.

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