A perfect end to Schitt”s Creek

Une finale parfaite pour Schitt’s Creek

The series canadian Schitt”s Creek has achieved a rare feat on Tuesday night, in concluding on a final at the height of its best episodes.

Not easy to find an outcome that will achieve unanimity among fans of the series. Talk to the followers of Lost or Game of Thrones , which has still not digested the way in which their issuance fetish has bowed out.

It is for this reason, among many others, that it was feared as the conclusion of Schitt”s Creek. Would we have to settle for goodbyes disappointing with the Rose family ? Luckily, it is not. A finding that was accompanied by a long sigh of relief.

If the final is still asleep quietly in your recorder, be warned : this text contains a few divulgâcheurs as to its content.

From the head high

We knew, of course, that the marriage of David and Patrick would be not exactly as expected. But we hoped fervently that the couple has the right to have this happy ending, the “happy ending” which longed for David. And this is exactly what it took (twice, even) with an intimate ceremony and, ultimately, perfectly imperfect.

This is obviously not light-heartedly that it was finally looked at Johnny and Moira Rose to leave the small town of Schitt”s Creek the benefit of the sun of California. But if the goodbyes have been difficult, they have been surprisingly satisfactory.

And it is here that lies the genius of Eugene and Dan Levy, creative duo behind this successful series. They were able to shoot their bow while Schitt”s Creek has lost none of its bite or of its effectiveness. No question of stretching the sauce or, worse, losing their loyal audience. They are gone, head high, at the peak of their item, Yes, you will get bored certainly of their universe. But we enjoyed every second.

The series Schitt”s Creek is presented in French (Welcome to Schitt”s Creek) on the radio Series More.

Another successful series has left the airwaves this week when Modern Family ended yesterday evening after 11 seasons on the air.

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