A pharmacy illegal discovery in a Lévisien

GHB, prescription drugs, powder and tablets of suspects… The police force of Lévis has found a veritable pharmacy of illegal drugs in the home of a suspected drug dealer of thirty years old which would have, among others, sold in bars in Charny.

An investigation has been underway for a few weeks led to the arrest of the 34 year old male that resides precisely in the area of Charny, on Thursday. On the spot, the police have made the discovery of a wide variety of drugs, including 1.2 litres of GHB.

“It’s still a good amount if we consider that the equivalent of a bottle cap of water can give its effect “more than” mass,” notes Maxime Pelletier, spokesman for the police Department of the City of Lévis (SPVL).

This descent occurs at a time when the municipal police force tries to eliminate a problem associated with this “date rape drug” on its territory.

At the beginning of December, with the medical authorities, it was a wave of disturbing cases of poisoning with this substance is often consumed by young women, allegedly without their knowledge, and an increase of the transport by ambulance of the clientele of the bars.


“Any drug can be dangerous for the health. GHB creates havoc, though, with a small amount”, raises again Mr. Pelletier.

This is far from the only illicit product found at the residence of the suspect, where he operated a point-of-sale, in addition to offering a delivery service, according to police.

There was also to 37.6 grams of a white powder (probably cocaine), 824 white tablets (and possibly methamphetamine), 261 tablets of Xanax, 0.8 gram of a substance resembling cocaine in the form of crack, or 54 tablets of a narcotic powerful, the hydromorphe contin.

Known to police

One hundred grams of cannabis is illegal and 63.1 grams of hashish have also been seized.

The investigators have also seized a prohibited weapon type – taser gun, an imitation firearm (to lead), ammunition, firearms of caliber .22, and 2230$ in canadian currency.

The individual in question, who is known to police, could be charged with possession of narcotics for purpose of trafficking, drug trafficking, possession of cannabis, unlawful for the purposes of sale, sale of cannabis, unlawful possession of a prohibited weapon and non-observance of the condition.

He was released pending further proceedings.

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