A pig run around three police officers

Un cochon fait courir trois policiers

STAMFORD, Connecticut | Be a police officer can lead to cope with lots of situations incredible. Talk to the officers in the police service of Stamford, Connecticut, which result in a hilarious pursuit to try to catch up… a little pig!

Last Friday, the agents, Michael Nguyen, Louis Vidal and Nicholas Gelonesi have learned that a pig was present in a sector of the street Roxbery. They have therefore tried to make up for the mammal in flight, while their portable cameras were filming the whole thing.

Unfortunately for them and fortunately for hundreds of internet users, the mission of the police officers proved to be far more complex than expected.

On a video posted online by the police on his page in Facebook on Saturday, you can see the three officers and a good samaritan in passage to run after the pig, who clearly does not have the intention to take leave. One of the police officers has even taken over a bin of plastic to try to capture the animal, without success.

“He is tired”, do you mean a police officer say after a sprint on the tracks of the pig, while he himself is out of breath.

“It’s a dead end. It’s a dead end”, lance-t-it at a time other then the four wildlife officers a day around the pig. Las, it manages to avoid the garbage of a police officer, before climbing between the legs of another to escape again.

The pig was eventually caught after 45 minutes of the run. The police assured that he was doing well and was looking for his owners on Saturday.

“Oh yes, we are very aware of the large number of jokes that can come in mind in link with this incident,” has entertained the police by sharing the video.

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