A pinot noir buxom

Un pinot noir plantureux

The greatest pinot noir wines are not just the prerogative of the slopes of the sacred art of Burgundy. You can do (almost) as good elsewhere, especially in Oregon. And if, in addition, behind, there is a bit of expertise in quebec, it is even better!

This is the case of the Field Roy founded by Robert Roy, his son Marc-André, and Jared Etzel.

The two families who have worked twenty years together in the field of Fine Brothers, including the famous american critic Robert Parker was a partner – it was only natural to continue on a roll common. After two years of research, they choose a former hazelnut orchard in Dundee.

The place is perfect for the planting of the vine: a natural orientation of the hill and to the south, an altitude of 400 to 600 feet, and a volcanic soil that is embedded in the basalt. The two sons decide to crash a little more than thirteen acres of pinot noir and a little less than two of chardonnay in organic cultivation.

Then, their need for expansion led to Carlton, an area surrounded by an oak savanna, which is oriented to the south and to the east, and who enjoys an altitude of 360 to 550 feet. The soil of the area contains marine sediments with a high content of minerals, in addition to being dotted with crystalline quartz.

They planted 24 acres of pinot noir and two acres of chardonnay is also grown organically. The greatest care is taken to viticulture and winemaking.

The results are quickly convincing.

This is the case of this cuvée to the profile, strong and velvety.

The nose displays a nice concentration of scents with notes of black fruits, candied violet, licorice and cinnamon. It smells like a rich fruit, tannins fleshed, round shouldered, a long finish, scented and heady.

The whole remains fresh, despite the 14% alcohol on the counter. A pinot noir that will appeal to wine lovers who are able bodied and buxom, without missing elegance and precision. Blind, I would have taken for a grenache, elegant, kind Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

A wine that will be at his best to the table with meat that is grilled or braised. Only downside: its price (too) high. Knowing that the prices in Burgundy have monstrously exploded in recent years.

In short, once again, these are the fans who, unfortunately, lose in the exchange…

Domain Roy, Estate vintage 2018, Wilamette, Usa.-U.

62,25 $ – SAQ Code 12882338 – 14,2 % – 1 g/L

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