A pioneer of cross-country skiing dies at the age of 84 years

Un pionnier du ski de fond meurt à l’âge de 84 ans

The founders have tasted the Refuge of St-Adolphe can testify that it was the haven of the snow. Its founder, Wilbrod “Bill” Dobson, now rests in peace after having given battle to the COVID-19, which has prevailed in 84 years.

The native of Saint-Louis-du-Ha ! Ha ! surrendered in Quebec city, last Thursday. He had opened the Refuge in 1969 and held it at arm’s length, this small jewel of cross-country skiing until he takes the decision to sell in 2009.

A non-profit organization had taken control of the premises, until the Center of The open air Shelter to be picked up by one of his four children today in mourning a year later.

One couple had then taken over the reins of the Refuge in the form of rental, up to the final closure of the premises at the end of 2012.

Mr. Dobson is survived by his wife, Joan Ruud Dobson, as well as her eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Beyond Shelter

As a result, the world of cross-country skiing affectionately nicknamed her Bill has often been described as a true force of nature, a man like an oak tree that has long been fascinated by his little paradise in the heart of the mountains, rivers and lakes.

But Bill Dobson, it was more than the Refuge of Saint-Adolphe, he baptized his haven-white. It has also proved to be a strong proponent of the development of the cross-country skiing, while ensuring to preserve the natural and rustic oasis, which strongly contrasted with other ski areas focusing on the large arteries.

Mr. Dobson has particularly championed large crossings to Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Lac-Beauport and Camp Mercier, among others, with the aim of promoting the sport, which made him vibrate.

In its pioneering role, he has also acted as an advisor to several ski centers, which have benefited from his expertise in the design of their course.

Former champion

Bill Dobson fell in the pot of the cross-country skiing in his youth. It even became champion of the discipline in the armed Forces, participating in several competitions.

The current circumstances due to the COVID-19 make sure that the funeral for Bill Dobson are deferred.

It is a monument to cross-country skiing in the Quebec city region, which has been extinguished, but the warm memories in his company still alive and well for cross-country skiers tested.

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