A plan B that is a dream to Quebec and Three Rivers…

Un plan B qui fait rêver à Québec et Trois-Rivières...

It’s confirmed: the Capitals of Quebec and the Eagles of Trois-Rivières will be absent from the League Frontier baseball in 2020. The good news? A plan B is taking shape and has what to do dream of the lovers of la Belle Province.

Michel Laplante, as president of the Capitals, and Paul Fish, who is his counterpart with the Eagles, continuing their steps.

According to some information obtained by the QMI Agency, talks have already been held with some organizations in major league baseball, including the Blue Jays of Toronto, for making available canadian athletes from the minor leagues.

“All I can say is that the answer is positive up to now, and the players’ agents are enthusiastic,” was simply referred to Fish, not wanting to confirm the fish that have been launched.

A league with four teams

The plan provides for four teams: two in Quebec and two in Trois-Rivières. In addition to the Eagles, the second training trifluvienne be called the Royals, a wink to the past. We speak elsewhere of a schedule of about 46 to 48 games per club.

To Karl Gélinas, David Glaude, Jonathan Lacroix and Raphael Gladu could add several other Quebecers. As in a waking dream, one imagines, might even be able to attract Abraham Toro, who played in 25 games with the Houston Astros in 2019. After all, Toro is a good friend of Lacroix. A call to the Philadelphia Phillies could also help to release the young Benjamin Pelletier for the summer period. Who knows?

Specifically, it draws on everything that moves, hoping that the organizations in major league baseball will wish to keep some hopes to continue their development, if only by making close to 200 at bat in the championship provisional.

Sticks in the wheels

Among other steps, we reluquerait of quebec players who evolve at the university level in the United States. But again, there are certainly sticks that could be placed in the wheels of the carriage. Some members of the Winnipeg Goldeyes, who may not play normally in the american Association of professional baseball independent, would be eventually willing to come to spend their summer in Quebec.

In short, the next few days will tell more about the famous plan B imagined for Quebec and Three Rivers. For the moment, the Capitals and the Eagles must first ensure that such a project is viable and that it complies with the rules of public health.

“You can’t play without crowd, has already accepted that Fish, which recognizes that the health measures to be cause of the inherent costs. At Three-Rivers, the movement with mask will be mandatory in the stadium and we will wash the ramps and stairs at each of the three rounds.”

Because of the border

A single point seems to be 100 % certain for the moment: the Capitals and the Eagles must force it to edge quickly if they want to introduce the game of baseball, this summer. Unable to play in the League Frontier in 2020 has been confirmed to be the result of an exceptional meeting held on Wednesday morning between the leaders of the circuit.

“Due to the extension announced the closure of the canada-u.s. border until the 21 of July, the Capitals of Quebec and the Eagles of Trois-Rivières will be able to take part in the activities of the League of the Frontier for the season 2020”, was announced, by means of a press release later in the day.

Thus came to an end, despite the efforts of the owners and commissioner Bill Lee, hope to see evolve a circuit unified to 14 teams by the year 2020. This is a postponement to 2021.

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