A player from the Avalanche rather optimistic

Un joueur de l’Avalanche plutôt optimiste

If everything goes in the right direction, the Colorado Avalanche will first, in a round-robin tournament with the Blues of St. Louis, the Golden Knights Vegas and the Dallas Stars, before knowing his opponent at the first formal round of the playoffs.

The opportunity would be nice for the Avalanche of support the remarks made by his defender Ian Cole earlier this week in the daily Denver Post.

“I see us as a team with a legitimate chance to win the Stanley Cup, had said Cole. I look at all the teams in the league and obviously I am a little biased, but I think we can beat any club in a series of seven games.”

After the round-robin tournament for the placement of teams and the qualification round in parallel, the duels would be just 4 of 7 with the 16 courses remaining.

About Cole, we can admit that it has a roadmap that can give a certain weight to advance. The defender, 31-year-old has raised two times the Stanley cup at the time when he wore the colors of the Pittsburgh Penguins, more precisely in 2016 and 2017.

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