A polar effective: Mafia Inc. delivers the goods

Un polar efficace: Mafia Inc. livre la marchandise

The movies of gangsters and mafia are not legion in Quebec. Without reinventing the genre, the filmmaker Podz offers with Mafia Inc. a polar dark and effective which combines all the ingredients of a good popular entertainment.

Family conflicts, betrayals, revenge, murder, bloody… The recipe for a good movie of gangsters has already proved its worth many times in the past. Drawing freely from the book Mafia Inc. journalists André Cédilot and André Noël, the director Podz and screenwriter Sylvain Guy built a fictional story well-crafted (despite a few lengths), which explores in an effective way the codes of the genre.

Camped out in Montreal in the 1990s, Mafia Inc. follows the journey of Vincent “Vince” Gamache (Marc-André Grondin), a young gangster from quebec who is working for the account of the sponsor of the family mafia sicilian Frank Paternò (Sergio Castellitto), to the great misfortune of his father, a tailor (Gilbert Sicotte). The sister of Vince, Sofie (Mylène Mackay), is betrothed to a son Paternò.

The relations between the two families will become particularly strained when Vince will be kicked out of the clan in sicily, after having committed a despicable act, and amoral, which may cause damage to Paternò.

Raw realism

One recognizes the style Podz (Daniel Grou) as soon as the first images of the film. As in her previous works (The case of Dumont, Les 7 jours du Talion, the series 19-2), the maker of the film unsettles the viewer with scenes of hard-hitting, filmed with a realism and raw violence is sometimes startling.

To add a layer of authenticity to his film, Podz has insisted that the characters that gravitate in the mafia speak a mixture of the three languages used in montreal’s Italian community (Italian, French and English). He is reproached with not having been able to avoid a few clichés about the Italian community, as these large houses with decorations kitsch.

Podz has been happy with the choice of its players. He first managed a major coup in convincing the great Italian actor Sergio Castellitto playing the role of the godfather of the mafia. With his charisma and game nuances, Castellitto was able to compose a character as cruel as endearing. At his side, Marc-André Grondin and Gilbert Sicotte also provide excellent performance.

It is not easy to make a movie of mafia who will not suffer comparison with the masterpieces of the kind made by the great masters Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. Podz has managed to avoid this trap by focusing his narrative on the theme of the family and in anchoring the film in the reality of montreal.

Mafia Inc. take the poster on Thursday.


Mafia Inc.

★★★ ½

  • A film by Podz
  • With Marc-André Grondin, Sergio Castellitto, Gilbert Sicotte and Mylène Mackay.
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