A police officer becomes the foster father after three years of battle

Un policier devient père adoptif après trois ans de bataille

After three years of refusal, of actions, of battles and in the difficult context linked to the global pandemic, a police officer from Quebec finally managed to repatriate him home a young haitian girl of 9 years, of which he became the adoptive father a few months ago.

Between 2008 and 2017, Gilles Caron, an investigator with the police Department of the City of Québec has participated three times at the united Nations Mission for stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

On his third mission, the chance has put the small Fadanie on his road, as part of a Christmas party that was taking place in an orphanage in Port-au-Prince.

The people deployed were invited to choose the letter of a child to be able to offer him a gift, and fate has willed that the hand of the police officer grabs one of the small sealer, without knowing it, their fate forever.

“I had made myself a promise. I wouldn’t go ever, and I have not abandoned”, he said, the day after the arrival of his daughter.


Frightened by the rapid spread of the coronavirus and worried Fadanie in living conditions that are far from optimal, it has taken many steps in recent days to fetch her child from the heart.

“Before leaving Haiti, she underwent a physical examination to ensure that she was not a carrier of the virus. Subsequently, she was accompanied up to the door of the plane, and it is with two other small Haitian that she took the path to the house,” said the man who had never lost hope.


As all travellers entering the country, Fadanie will have to respect the quarantine period but the dad intends to enjoy each seconds of this moment stop.

“We’re going to take the opportunity to get to know each other, to talk, laugh, cry, make crafts, listen to the tv, or jump in the snow… Although, the first morning, I gave him the choice between playing in the snow or decorate her room and the snow has lost!”, added the dad, a thousand smiles in the voice by adding want to thank those who have always believed in him.

“There are several, but the most significant are the mp Eric Cairo, a true gentleman who has always kept his promises, Christiane Dupuis and her family and the team of the member of parliament Joël Lightbound, as well as the embassy of Canada,” said the police officer ended.

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