A police station set on fire after the death of a black man at the hands of police

Un commissariat incendié après la mort d’un homme noir aux mains de la police

Protesters have set fire to on Thursday night, a commissioner of Minneapolis (north of the United States), during the third night of clashes against the police, the hands of which is death, a Black during an interpellation muscled.

Thousands of people attended the fire in the northern suburbs of the city, after that some of them had forced the barriers which protected the building and shattered its windows.

The police officers had deserted the place, according to the forces of law and order. “A little after 22: 00, in the interest of the safety of our staff, the police of Minneapolis has vacated the office 3, has stated in a commuiqué.

The protests had been mostly peaceful, with crowds contained by chains of men in uniform. But there have been clashes, with the looting of some thirty stores and fires, and the use of tear gas by the police at the police station where work the officers accused in the case.

The parade had started late in the afternoon, with many demonstrators wearing a mask to protect against the coronavirus, while in the neighboring city of Saint Paul police reported damage and theft. “We know that there’s a lot of anger. We know that there are a lot of injuries. But we cannot tolerate that some use it as an opportunity to commit offences, ” said the director of the police of this city, Todd Axtel.

The governor of the State of Minnesota, Tim Walz has signed a decree to allow the intervention of the national guard. Two hundred police officers of the State, as well as helicopters, should also be sent on-site. “The death of Gorge Floyd must bring justice and fundamental reforms, not more deaths and destruction “, he estimated in a press release.

“Series of murders “

This African-American 46-year-old passed away on Monday evening, just after having been arrested by the police, who suspected him of having wanted to sell a fake note of 20 dollars. During the intervention, he was tackled to the ground by an officer who has kept his knee on her neck for long minutes. “I can’t breathe “, the we hear on a recording of the scene, which became viral.

President Donald Trump “was indignant when he saw the video of “the drama” heinous, tragic, ” said his spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany. “He immediately took his phone” to ensure that the FBI investigation was moving quickly, she continued: “He wants justice to be done “.

The four officers involved have been fired and local and federal authorities are investigating the tragedy. But no charges have yet been held, which fuels anger and frustrations.

“These police officers, it is necessary to stop immediately,” said Philonise Floyd on CNN by claiming, between two sobs, the death penalty for those responsible for the death of his brother.

“All the world suffers, it is for everything that happens. I am sick of seeing black men die “, he added. “I wish they [the protesters] are peaceful but I can’t force it, it’s hard. “

Like him, the High Commissioner of the UN for human rights has made the connection with a series of other incidents which have reignited the wounds of racial in the United States.

“This is the last of a long series of murders of African-Americans not armed committed by police officers the americans, “and citizens’ lambda, regretted Michelle Bachelet in a press release. “The us authorities must take serious measures to put an end to these murders and to ensure that justice is done to them when they occur “.

The case recalls in particular the death of Eric Garner, a black man who died in 2014 in New York city after having been asphyxiated during his arrest by white police officers. He, too, had said at the time ” I can’t breathe “, a phrase that became a rallying cry of the movement Black Lives Matter (” the life of The Black account “).

Minnesota had also been marked by the death in 2016 a motorist black, Philando Castile, shot dead during an ordinary control of the police under the eyes of his girlfriend and little girl.

“Deficit of hope “

The reverend Jesse Jackson, who arrived in Minneapolis, has called for the continuation of the demonstrations. He has denounced the ” lynching in the full light of day “, and called for justice. “We told the governor that it is necessary to call murder a murder “, he launched to the faithful of a baptist church.

The chief of police of Minneapolis, Medaria Arradondo, has acknowledged Thursday that there was a “deficit of hope” in his city, and that its teams had contributed.

While ensuring respect for the right of people to protest and express their pain, he added that he “would not authorize any criminal act” likely to exacerbate the trauma of the population.

Wednesday in Minneapolis, a man died after he was hit by a bullet in the vicinity of events and a suspect has been arrested.

In Los Angeles, protesters blocked briefly Wednesday, a highway and shattered the windows of two police vehicles.

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