A popularity which cannot be denied

Une popularité qui ne se dément pas

More and more Quebecers (es) become followers of the hiking in the quad, a popularity which does not diminish over the years.

“For the past two years, there has been a tendency to be much different in the purchase of vehicles,” says Robert Gingras, head of sales land in Adrenaline Sports, the depositary of the Can-Am brand.

“The popularity of vehicles with two seats, primarily with the engine 850 cc, is remarkable. We are talking here about 80 % of vehicles with two seats. People want to go hiking for a vacation, walking the network of trails requiring that we have in Quebec. For the coast-to-coast, the models with an engine capacity of 1000 cc are clearly the most popular. “

“We see the birth a new market segment with the vehicle super sport. The X3 Can-Am, equipped with the engine 900 Turbo, became very popular. People make group purchases. Seen happen in the store two, three or four friends who purchase this type of vehicle. Previously, we were selling almost no, but here, we need to have in inventory. Another segment which is still very popular, it is the Defender of 1000 cc. The Limited model, with its new design of the cabin is better insulated, air-conditioning and heating, has become a big star, ” said Mr. Gingras.

Before the COVID-19, one was missing. We have since received, but we don’t get to keep them. “


There is not so long ago, the dealers were afraid to know about a supply problem.

“We are out of stock for the seadoos. For mountain BIKING, I have no vehicle available or almost. We are even forced to refuse sales of mountain BIKING. Everything that is off road, it is very poor as inventory. “

“It is a never-before-seen,” adds Robert Gingras. We delivered 130 units last week. All of our services operate at full speed. We deliver between 400 and 500 units per month. It is to be hoped now that we will be able to deal with the backlog of orders we had placed. The BRP plant runs at full speed. “

Usually, Mr. Gingras worked with an inventory of 60 vehicles. Currently it is at zero.


In people of Pro Performance, Boischatel, the scenario is the same.

“Very honestly, I am in the field past 12 years and I have never seen a similar situation,” says René Cyr.

“During the first four weeks of the déconfinement, it was madness. For the past two weeks, the attendance has decreased slightly, but it is still at a level that has nothing to do with what normally happens. Either ATV, boat, pontoon, it is the big madness. “

A new trend, according to him, it is that people want to practice the quad in the family.

“We are able to meet the expectations of people who want to do the quad in the family. The buyers are going to get two vehicles for adults, mountain bikes with engines of 350 cc or 570 cc, which are at affordable prices, in the brands Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha. They make this choice instead of buying one big machine. They then purchase models that are designed for the young. We receive many calls for this type of vehicles throughout the province of Quebec. I have two that are going to happen soon, which are already sold. We had never seen such a request before. “

On the side of the supply, even there, it’s all the same.

“We’ll get to a point where we’re running out of vehicles. Some manufacturers have advised us that we would have more models by 2020. The factories have been closed for several weeks, which explains the situation that we live in. “

This is not better for parts and accessories.

“Still there, production has been suspended, which makes it difficult to really life to provide the fans what they want in terms of equipment. For example, the rear trunk that adds on the quads for the second passenger, we just receive it. “

“People have understood that they had to organise themselves to spend their vacation in Quebec. They therefore act accordingly by offering products that will allow them to practise an activity interesting family, writes René Cyr. Whether this will continue in the long term, once life gets back to normal with the opening of the borders, no one can predict with certainty. It is to be hoped that people have taken a liking to these new activities which can be done easily on the huge playground that is Quebec. “

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