A powerful tornado struck the Russian city (VIDEO)

Мощный смерч обрушился на российский город (ВИДЕО)

In the Black sea coast near the Russian city of Anapa seen powerful waterspout. Frightening natural phenomenon managed to capture on video.

Tornado appeared in the sea near the coast during the day on Saturday, June 23. It was shot by journalists of local TV channel “channel 39 Anapa”. Video from the raging elements later posted on the YouTube page media.

Eyewitnesses claim that the tornado could be seen from shore, however, he never came close to land.

Powerful funnel of air continued to spin over the water for several minutes, but in the end still broke.

Apparently, this tornado caused no damage.

Мощный смерч обрушился на российский город (ВИДЕО)

A Twister or tornado is called the atmospheric vortex that occurs in cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) cloud and propagating down, often to the surface of the earth, in the form of a cloud sleeves or trunk diameter of tens to hundreds of meters.

Politeka previously wrote about the fact that in the Odessa region, travelers were frightened by the tornado.

Photographs truly scary atmospheric phenomena published in the social network Facebook the head of the Kiliya city Council Pavel Boychenko.

Witness the creepy paintings were resting in the village of Primorskoe (Chilia district). So, judging by the staff, 17 June the region was hit a tornado.

Мощный смерч обрушился на российский город (ВИДЕО)

In the comments to the post Boychenko people asked questions: Fracture? Victims?. Fortunately, this time the tornado bypassed the people’s party.

Before it was reported that in the Kiev region observed an unusual weather phenomenon.

A resident of Novobelichi videotaped unusual for the capital weather phenomenon is the tornado. He said that the painted walls in the apartment and admired the view from the window, when he saw how over Svyatoshinskyi ponds on the river Nyvka swept three tornadoes.

“All three did not remove, the two disappeared in the lake, but one managed to capture on video. This tornado was the largest. It is much higher than our houses,” said an eyewitness.

According to the Director of Ukrgidromettsentr Nikolai Kulbida, tornadoes are quite rare and unforeseen for Kiev phenomenon.

For the formation of tornadoes, several things are necessary: high temperature, very high humidity, the saturation of the atmosphere with moisture and favorable SYNOPTIC processes.


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