A preview of the upcoming NHL draft?

The shape of the next draft of the national hockey League (NHL), which was to take place on 26 and 27 June in Montreal, is not yet known, but that of the WNBA, the league of professional women’s basketball, may have given a glimpse Friday night of what to expect in the Quebec Alexis Lafrenière, and the other young hopefuls.

“The place, the date, and the formula of the draft and the lottery for the first choice will be announced when the details are finalized”, could we read in a brief news release from the NHL last month.

In this period of pandemic coronavirus, the opportunities do not, however, seem many.

In the case of the WNBA, the commissioner Cathy Engelbert was simply at his home in New Jersey, and was the announcement of the different choices.

The one that has been selected in first rank by the Liberty in New York, California Sabrina Ionescu, did not hide that this day had been very different from what she had imagined. It is necessarily what should live Lafrenière, including a chance in front of family and friends at the Bell Centre would have instead created magic moments.

Sabrina Ionescu

“I worked for it throughout my career in basketball and I am super excited to see that it has borne fruit”, has nevertheless reacted Ionescu, from home, in an interview published by the network ESPN.

Confetti and parade of cars

Obviously, such a last chance at distance will be offered beautiful family celebrations, but can be a little less spectacular.

Called the third rank by the Fever of Indiana, Lauren Cox was entitled to a rain of confetti thrown by her sisters while Ruthy Hebard, chosen eighth by the Sky of Chicago, then attended a parade of cars in his hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. It may be the type of scenes that will surround the young hockey players, sooner or later, during the summer period.

Recall that Lafrenière, a young man from Saint-Eustache, a figure at the top of the final standings of the Central recruitment among skaters in north america. The attacker of the Océanic de Rimouski could become the first Quebecer to be selected first in the NHL draft since the goalkeeper Marc-André Fleury, 2003.

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