A prosecution witness in the case of Kokorin and Mamaev fell out of the window

Свидетель обвинения по делу Кокорина и Мамаева выпала из окна

A witness in the case of fights with the participation of Russian soccer players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev Ekaterina Bobkova fell out of a window in Prague. The girl is in critical condition, says AGN “Moscow”.

Ekaterina Bobkova has appeared in court as a witness for the prosecution. She rested together with athletes at the club, during their fight with the driver Vitaly Solovchuk was trying to protect the man.

According to the publication, may 11, the girl was made a few operations, and then entered into a state of artificial coma.

The reasons for and details of the incident are not reported. Currently, relatives and colleagues Bobkova has announced the collection of funds.

Earlier, the court issued a verdict in the case of the scandalous players. Kokorin got 18 months, Mamaev 17 months in a General regime colony.

We will remind, in October 2018 Pavel Mamaev, Aleksandr Kokorin, his brother Cyril and Alexander Protasowicki become parties to the two conflicts in the center of Moscow. First they attacked the driver First channel host Vitaly Solovchuk, and then moved to a café, where beat up the head of the Department of industry and trade Denis Pack.