A proven and reliable way to store carrots

Losses from rotting or drying of the root are almost there.

Перевірений і надійний спосіб зберігання моркви

The process of storing carrots repeatedly proven over the years is very simple and reliable. For this you need a carrot to wash, trim a bit of the top and bottom part of the fruit and dry thoroughly, informs Rus.Media.

Then distributed and placed in plastic bags in portions of 8-10 pieces.

Better packages to take with thicker walls, or 2 (one in another). We put in the pack up and downloadable for breath as possible.

Then quickly them the neck of the package and take out the tube.

Twisted into a bundle the neck fold in half and contractible tight with string. Thus, cook and rest. Store in a wooden or cardboard box at the bottom of the cellar in a dry place.