A psychologist called signs of infidelity partner

Психолог назвал признаки измены партнера

How to recognize cheating? At the moment, the reality is that any person directly or indirectly faced with infidelity or divorce. In this regard, psychologists give some advice on how to recognize betrayal by a partner, writes the portal Womoninred.

According to statistics, in Ukraine and around the world, recorded a very big number of divorces among young couples have already taken place. It is influenced by many objective and subjective factors.

For whatever reason, without any doubt, you should carefully look at its second half and to try to understand whether justified doubt or is it a figment of his own imagination and the level of domestic conflicts.

First of all, all the problems, misunderstandings, and feelings need to be spoken. But not always we are ready to hear and understand how in other and you can remain blind to the attitudes and feelings of the other person.

To study whether there are grounds for doubt, psychologists advise to pay attention to the fact that said partner and in particular his argument. Not worth going on about, if you impose that you provoke these actions. Misunderstanding of “chill” in the relationship, emotional detachment, usually serve as an excuse for infidelity. Not worth it to fully agree, you risk simply remove human responsibility and shift it onto himself. In this case, it is possible not to doubt, infidelity is justified your wrong behavior. Usually, fans to shift the blame without addressing the real problems and challenges, they prefer to escape.

Another alarm bell may be untidiness of the person. Yes, that’s it! Unwillingness to look well-groomed, neat and beautiful for your partner, may indicate the loss of interest to him. And if it is combined with many hours of preening before work, party or meeting with friends, there is a certain probability that out there is someone who would like it. In this case, the person stuck on himself and how he looks in the eyes of others. And the opinion of the second half don’t count.

Among the obvious signs can be large and persistent backlog at work, the inexplicable evening calls or correspondence in the networks.

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