A Quebec court 160 miles… in one day!

Un Québécois court 160 kilomètres... en une journée!

The current pandemic of coronavirus that hits the planet has encouraged many people, who could no longer containment, to put themselves in the running these last few weeks.

Some are running two miles, others five, and the more daring can sometimes go up to ten.

But the Quebec Nicolas Danne, him, decided Saturday to run through to the race, a whopping distance of… 160 km. If the feat is already incredible in itself, the main objective behind this crazy approach is just as important.

In an interview Sunday, the show Salut, Bonjour!, the friendly athlete has revealed the motivation behind his crazy epic.

“My whole family is in the medical field. I wanted to give the power to the mine in this period rather particular.”

A strategy well-defined

Grandiose can be this achievement, the strategy behind it, ” admits the rider, was rather silly.

“I was, to repeat, a ride of 5 kilometres around me. Therefore, the centre of my race was my home. At the beginning, I was doing two laps, then I stopped for a bit. Then, I used to be one, then I stopped for a bit. But at one point, I told myself that I would not be able to stop me at every turn, that it would be too hard psychologically.

“Then, a great friend to me came in and he told me that I couldn’t do the same ride 5 kilometers for 160. I placed a small mixture of journeys in the district of Villeray, and it is this that has allowed me to finish.”

The next day… rather painful!

Without great surprise, and quite logical, Nicolas Danne has been found to have a few aches the day after his astronomical running. After all, who would not after a sustained effort of 22 hours 49 minutes?

“The journey from the bed to the living room was long enough this morning!”, launched the rider laughing.

“The race went very well, honestly! It must be said that the asphalt, it is a surface that is very traumatic for the members. I would say that it was hard on the last 30 km. The last 10 miles was the most arduous, because you know that it is not a lot of distance to go before they finish.”

Fortunately, he said, the support of people has allowed him to find the motivation to complete his challenge.

“Montreal really is as well as a community running fantastic. The people, while respecting social distancing, encouraged me a lot.”

What kind of preparation?

Of course, this does not in and of itself, a good morning, being ready and conditioned to run 160 kilometres. How Nicolas was he prepared for such a challenge?

“I run almost every day for a good time”, to meet the young man.

“I’m running between 90 and 120 miles per week. It is a bit of a style of life. I do not even count it as a workout. It’s just… my life!”

Touched by the support of the people

If Nicolas Danne says he is buoyed by the unconditional support of Montrealers throughout his journey, some people have also offered other forms of support while also motivating.

“We collected more than 3700$, which is absolutely exceptional! The number of messages that are sent to me, the pats on the back… This is crazy!”

The worst, in all of this is that Anne is not even yet arrived at the stage where he realizes the magnitude of what he has accomplished.

“No, I don’t realize it yet!”, he admits.

“Within two to three days, it will happen. But I wasn’t alone in there.”

Plans for the day?

After you have gained knowledge of a feat like that, you have to admit that a question burns the lips…

What is being done in the aftermath of 160 km foot race?

“I haven’t slept much, because all the positions are uncomfortable. I intend to eat a large amount, definitely! I also want to take a bath and enjoy a well-deserved beer, I believe”, concludes Nicolas Danne.

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